Eyebrows Transform Your Face

Updated: Jul 14

Transform Your Face With The Right Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrows use to be the most underrated and neglected facial features, but the shape, width and definition of your eyebrows can literally change your entire face and having beautiful brows is a must have look!

If you're lacking in eyebrow department after years of plucking, a scar, or just sparse brows - Eyebrow tattoos might be just what you're looking for.

So have you decided to research eyebrow tattooing?

If so, you are on the right path to a new youthful and balanced look. However, deciding to get your eyebrows tattooed is not the end of the story. Probably the most critical step is choosing a style of eyebrow tattoo that best suits your face shape and brings out your features the best.

You need to know that not every eyebrow style will suit your face or your personality. Brow shapes need to differ from person to person because we are all unique!

Eyebrow tattoos styling

Many people associate tattooing eyebrows with bold and unnatural results, but with the advent of semi-permanent tattooing, women can create their perfect eyebrows in a very subtle and natural looking way. Book in with Kiyomi before your tattoo session and have your brows shaped and tinted the way we would tattoo them. This will give you a great indication of how your brows will look with tattooing. This will also allow you the opportunity to get to know me before we tattoo your brows & make sure we’re the right fit.

What makes eyebrow tattooing so worthwhile?

LET'S FACE IT: When it comes to styling eyebrows - some of you were blessed with good brow genes and had thick luxurious eyebrows that you destroyed with over tweezing, plucking and waxing...Damm the 90's and following the eyebrow trends from Friends and Carrie! While others are still waiting for a miracle that their brows will become fuller - Or at least visible without having to fill them in every morning!

Ombre Eyebrow tattooing became a ray of hope for all of us as they are natural looking.

Facts you should consider before getting a brow tattoo

1. Check the qualifications of the cosmetic tattoo artist

This should not be an impulsive decision - you will have those eyebrows for a lifetime (at least for a few years), so take only the best to create your work of art on your face. Anyone can get qualified however, you must know how much experience he has and see examples of their work. If you turn to an experienced professional tattoo artist, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the final result. After all, semi-permanent eyebrows can last up to three years. You don't want to end up with an eyebrow nightmare, so do not go and find the cheapest tattoo artist!

2. Look at examples of their work

We recommend talking to previous clients to find out if they are happy with the results and how long the pigment lasted. Take a close look at their before and after photos to make sure you like the style of eyebrows the tattoo artist is creating, and research their website and social media to make sure their clients are happy. After all, if the pigment is not correctly applied, it can fade quickly, be way too dark, or look uneven.

3. Find out what products are used and read the health and safety guidelines

We use only approved pigments and single-use disposables at The Brow Bakery and follow strict health and safety guidelines. Working with a licensed esthetician is important to avoid infection and achieve professional results. Make sure they use sterile gloves and sterilized equipment.

4. Make sure you are suitable for tattooing eyebrows

Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for most people, from young to old. Micro blade tattooing, creates natural hair-like lines by cutting lines and filling them with pigment. While people with lighter complexions and the skin texture can get great results... Those with darker skin tones or oily complexions will usually have results that they were not expecting. This where Ombre Brows (Powder brows) give hope to everyone as it is suitable for all skin tones, complexions and ages. Read more about the differences with Mircroblade vs Powder brows

5. Choose the right colour and style for your eyebrows

Choosing the brow colour that adds warmth to your face to accentuate your skin tone, hair colour, and natural facial features is an important consideration when having an eyebrow tattoo. There is a range of pigment colours to match your hair colour, skin tone, and personal preferences - from subtle to dramatic, just the way you like it.

At The Brow Bakery, we customize the colour to be an addition to your features, not to over power them.

6. And the thickness and shape

With years of brow tattooing, creating the right brow shape for our clients is the entire reason why I LOVE my job! When you have the right brow artist, going through the brow mapping and consultation is exciting. I really want to know what sort of brows you are dreaming of as well? Is it the bushy brows of Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson or one of the Jenner sisters? The choice of the optimal brow thickness is made during the consultation and depends on the client's facial shape, skin tone, hair colour and personal preferences.

7. Take into account the overall effect on your face

Full, well-groomed and sophisticated brows can make a big difference on your face and accentuate your natural features. Over-plucked or sparse brows are ageing and can take years off your appearance. That is why always consider the overall effect of a brow tattoo you opt for. We find that many of our clients when they have their brows tattooed they start having more confidence and try different makeup looks - like wearing a bolder lip colour!

8. Embrace the new you

Cosmetic tattoos are also called permanent makeup because they make you look made up 24 hours a day. You may need a touch up appointment after your initial tattoo around 8-10 weeks and the annual touchups can maintain and prolong the tattoo results. After getting your new brows, embrace the new you!

At The Brow Bakery, we create amazing eyebrows with our brow sculpting, brow tinting, brow lamination and blow tattooing! No matter where you are on your brow journey - We can create brow magic for you.

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