Eyebrow Trends 2022

Having a full and natural brow shape is always going to look more youthful than an over-plucked sparse brow.

Thin and over-plucked brows?

That's the '90s. Neat lines and crisp as hell? You're in the early 00s, my friend.

It really makes you wonder if today we'll look back at the brushed and smooth finish of laminated eyebrows and think, "What were we thinking?"

But hey, that's half the fun.

And if you want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to eyebrows, you've come to the right place.

With so many crazy eyebrow trends making the rounds these days, it can be hard to determine which eyebrow style flatters your face the most or if you should really follow that trend at all?

How can you determine the proper brow shape if you don't have access to a professional? We've put together this expert guide to break down the different eyebrow styles and names to take the guesswork out of determining which eyebrow shape best suits your face shape (round, square, oval, heart-shaped, and more).

In 2022, eyebrow fashion trends recommend maintaining enough density to accentuate the eyes and make them look expressive.

Not so perfect arches

The eyebrow trends of 2022 go back a few decades, which is reflected in a more natural approach to eyebrows and their care by eyebrow and makeup artists. Because they are soft and fitted or natural and imperfectly flawless, brows appear more feminine and softer.

Brows are less quirky or sharp and more soft and sexy.

Although tweezing is the most important part eyebrow grooming, leave it to the pro's to get the perfect lines!

Natural texture

We can all agree that a bit of hair texture in the brows is excellent for framing the eyes. Makeup experts see this as another throwback to the runway trends of the past. The eyebrow trends we've seen [recently] on the runway are a continuation of today's trends and a throwback to the old ones: We're still seeing fluffy, sporty, natural brows - groomed brows with actual texture and shine, rather than over coloured and filled in.

Although there are many ways to shape brows properly, we think one tool is best and that is our brow balm with an angled brush! Makeup Artists usually use eyebrow powder or a sharp pencil in the right shade.

Subtle volume

A top brow artist notes that brushing eyebrows upward is the hottest way to add volume or fluffiness these days instead of using heavy pomades, which were criminally overused a few years ago.

In our Brisbane Brow Bar, we see clients wanting a more natural brow, easy maintenance brow. So combing up the brows is almost like giving yourself a bigger, bolder brow.

Several products are available to achieve the right eyebrow shape for the feathered trend. You can always opt for eyebrow lamination or use eyebrow gel at home to achieve this look.

There are various eyebrow products available on the market, however our very own Brow Balm & Angle brush is the winner because of how easy it is to use and it's staying power.

Lifted, sculpted ends

In 2022, we're putting an end to "the bigger, the better" and emphasizing a lifted, lengthened and sleek brow shape. Instead, eyebrow textures are all about feathery, eye-lifting designs and sculpted brow lines.

Sometimes, a little support is needed for a sculpted end to the eyebrows. To achieve this look, a demonstration on how to best fill in your brows is one of the most important services in the salon.

Concealers are also very useful if you are wanting to highlight your eyebrow arches.

Gloss and sparkle brows

Another brow trend for 2022 is shiny brows, which can be achieved with various recently launched gels. Many premium brow products offer brow shaping with a sparkly finish.

Brow Lamination

Although Brow lamination is already on our 2022 hot list, there are a few tricks we beauty nerds can provide you if you're not sure if the treatment is appropriate for you. The fact that brows can be styled and shaped to your liking and your brow hair can be smoothed and flattened so they sit flat and in place. We love the fact that small scars or bare spots can be covered by your own brow hair. It is a great alternative to tattooing. You can have the defined hair look without having a permanent or semi-permanent option like tattooing. Read more about Brow Lamination

Bleached and lightly shaded

If you like to revel in the nostalgia of trends created just before your time, this trend is for you. According to famous brow artists, barely visible brows are becoming more and more expected this year. Bleached eyebrows pay homage to the look of the late 90s. Back then, bleached eyebrows were trendy, and all indications are that they will be prevalent again in 2022.

Luckily, this trend doesn't have to involve a lot of effort - unless you want it to. You can use any branded eyebrow whitening product from the drugstore if you're brave enough for a permanent look. Personally, we are not a fan, but hey - they're your brows and we can accommodate you!

Hybrid Brow Dye

The "hybrid brow dye" has yet to reach its full potential in our country and will become more mainstream in the next couple of years. The Brow Bakery is already offering hybrid brow tints and we love them! Read more about our brow tinting The colour can be customised to match the individual's skin tone and can last up to two weeks on the skin and almost seven weeks on the hair.

The coloured brows

We call the trend 'rainbrow' and believe that coloured eyebrows will be a fun look for individuals seeking something unusual. It's not about the whole brow, but [more] about creating colour at the ends, etc.

With all these trends in mind, one thing is clear: Youthfulness will always be wanted.

Having a full and natural brow shape is always going to look more youthful than an over plucked sparse brow.

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