Brow Lamination & why I hated it

Firstly, I’ve never ever ever been a person to follow trends. Think clothing, hair, makeup etc. growing up, I was never on trend. And now, I’m still behind the 8-ball.

When brow lamination came out, I had concerns. Mainly being - why are we now being encouraged to put these products on our clients skin when we had always been told not too when using the same products for lash lifts? So I watched & I watched & I listened.

What I learnt is that it all still comes down to experience & knowledge. Wanna put chemicals on sensitive skin? Well, you’re most likely going to get some kind of reaction (this doesn’t equate to allergy, that’s for another blog ✌🏼) some redness & irritation. However, do we still uphold the theory of ‘beauty is pain’??

The other thing I learnt, is that I am a Brow Professional & I can customise YOUR treatment to be however we want. Offering brow lamination does not mean you have to have Your brows straight up & 100% bushy all the time. No, no, no. we can make it subtle, we can make it however suits you & your current brow status. So, I taught myself how to laminate 🤷🏻‍♀️ Because again, I am a Brow Professional. I know these products & I know brows.

I now offer Brow Lamination in salon & I must say, I’m converted. I think they’re great & they can look as obvious or as subtle as you want & achieve whatever result you desire.

k x

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