Beauty Pro's = are your hands clean?

eyuk, I cannot stand dirty hands. You know how 'they' say that you won't care about clean hands once you had kids or that you'll have dirty marks everywhere. Not me. uh-uh. My children, understand they need to always have clean hands. And you best believe I will ask you to wash your hands as an adult if you come into my house & you wanna eat my food or touch my stuff, lol. Wash ya hands.

This flows over into my salon. I always, always, always, always have at least sanitised my hands before I touch my clients or my tools. Otherwise, my hands and forearms are washed with soap & water and this even when this happens at home. They're clean AF.

I will not go to someone who smokes or bites their nails. I have done both of these things & I'm not saying that to give me some right of personal opinion, I'm saying it because, hygiene.

I dunno, this might be me being totally overboard, but it's how I am. What I expect for you as a client, is what I expect of the people who are touching my face or body. If you haven't picked up what I'm putting down yet, here's another thing... if I've showered already at night or even afternoon sometimes, I won't leave the house. I'm clean. I wanna get in my bed, clean. right? and if for whatever reason I am forced/have to leave the house, I will 99% of the time shower again before I go to bed. #notsorry.

Do you agree or nah? I'm genuinely interested to even know if this is something you've considered??

K x

Kiyomi smiling as if she’s the smartest person in the world right now.
Kiyomi smiling as if she’s the smartest person in the world right now

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