Lash Lift Brisbane

It is like a Eyelash perm!

Lash Lifts are a game changer! Especially if you have a fair complexion and beautiful lashes that need to be tinted and curled.
We mold your eyelashes so that they are curled and tinted at the same time.
It is an amazing time saver in the morning.
You can still wear mascara if you choose to and your mascara application is done in seconds as the eyelash base is already tinted and the lashes are already curled.
You will always fresh and awake when your lashes are tinted and lifted.
How it works - The hair has a bond breaker applied and the hair is set into the desired position.
The bond breaker is removed and a neutaliser is applied to set the hair into it's new shape.
Results will last between 6 and 8 weeks.


Perfect If You Like To Wear False Lashes

There is nothing more frustrating when you are applying false lashes and your natural lashes point down or straight ahead.
A lash lift curls your lashes so that they will blend into your falsies - No more having to pre curl them or use mascara to blend your lashes in with the false lashes.
When you have your first lash lift - You will wonder how you coped without one!



Our Asian sisters are usually stunned when they see their natural lashes curled upwards and thickened with tint. They already have decent lashes, but due to how straight they are, they are not obvious...UNTIL they are curled!


Suitable for short straight lashes too!

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