Brow Tinting

For Existing Clients

Keep your brows looking fresh with a simple ,soft tint.
Natural or Hybrid Tint, the choice is yours!
For our new clients we offer our brow creation service and this includes tinting.
Without your brows shaped correctly, a brow tint will highlight imperfections such as misshaping or unruly stray hairs.


Lash Tints

For all Clients

Keep your lashes looking fresh with a simple tint using our Natural or Hybrid Tint.
For an even better result consider a Lash Lift and Tint!
This is one of the most popular services we offer and gives a WOW effect!

Hybrid tint - now you can have a real colour match!

Frustrated that traditional tints or henna don't last long enough on your hair or skin?
Welcome to Hybrid tinting!
It is combining the staying power of henna and beautiful tones of natural tint.
Hybrid tint is a game changer and you will not go back to traditional tinting!



Hybrid tint gives fuller eyebrow with a rich and brighter effect than your standard brow tint.  
Your eyelashes will be darker with a more dramatic look than traditional eyelash tint.

We will expertly match your eyebrows or lashes to give you the exact impact you are looking for.



This product is best for:

  • People with thinning or sparse brow hairs that are looking for a brow tattoo look

  • People who want to have a guide for filling in their brows

  • Wake up ready with a shadow behind your brows.

  • People who want up to 6 weeks of set and forget brows and lashes.


Save precious time in the morning with brows and lashes already on point!