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Eyebrow Tattooing

For Our First Time Clients

Your first brow tattooing experience with The Brow Bakery!
We specialise in Ombre brows or Powder brows There is no microblading or manual hand tools. Kiyomi is experienced in performing tattooing with a digital machine pen (imagine a body tattoo gun, but very quiet and aesthetically pleasing).

Images shown are recent powder brow and cosmetic tattooing.
Whether it is before, after or healed all stages are a beautiful look that is waterproof, realistic and natural in appearance.

brow bar brisbane(1).jpg
brow bar brisbane(12).jpg

Cosmetic Tattoos - Powder Brows

Existing Clients Only

The entire treatment process is discussed and expectations of the stages of healing and lasting results.

Minimal trauma to your skin - zero downtime.

Long lasting colour results & retention come from these techniques and tools.


Read more about why we recommend Ombre brows/Powder Brows over Microblading.

When you know the differences - You will want this technique!!

*NOTE - it is recommended to book a perfecting touch up session 8 weeks from 1st cosmetic tattoo treatment*

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