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Brow Sculpting

For Our First Time Clients

Brows will be coloured to suit your complexion.
We will tweeze your eyebrows to a precision shape to enhance your eyes and create the brow look that we are known for.
We create beautiful natural brow shapes that instantly lift and enhance your eyes.
You will have a fabulous looking result from our first brow date.
We offer a complimentary session on how to lightly colour in your brows with our Brow Balm to complete your treatment.

We can also offer a Hybrid Tint & Jelly mask at an extra cost.


brow sculpt client_edited.jpg

Brow Maintenance

Existing Clients Only

To keep your brows looking perfect, we need a maintenance plan.
We schedule you for regular 4-6 weekly brows dates with Kiyomi.
Each session involves a tint, trimming hairs into shape, tweezing and waxing your brows back into the carefully created brow shape from our first appointment.
Keep those brows looking envious with maintaining your brows every 4-6 weeks.

*Hybrid tint & Jelly masks extra*

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