Brow Lamination

It is like a brow perm!

We combine a brow lamination with brow sculpting
Brow lamination is AMAZING when you have unruly brow hairs that have a mind of their own and you need to stick those suckers down with a balm or gel.
Brow laminations are also perfect if you have some bare spots in your eye brows. We can push the brow to smoothly sit in a better direction and this will cover gaps or even small scars.
When the brows have been correctly shaped, tinted and then moulded into the perfect shape...You will be unstoppable.
It is a similar process to having a lash lift.
The hair has a bond breaker applied and the hair is set into the desired position.
The bond breaker is removed and a neutaliser is applied to set the hair into it's new shape.
Results will last between 6 and 8 weeks.


Gives a bushier brow look

Many of our clients have their brows laminated with each brow maintenance. We use leading global brand Elleebana.

The treatment works in two parts. The first solution applied to softens the hair, allowing the direction of hair to be changed

This is then followed with a second solution to set the brow hairs in the new direction we've moulded the brows too.

Adding a lash lift at the same time if you have travel plans will give to perfect lashes and brows while you laze around the pool. No smudging of make up and lashes and brows stay in place!


brow lamination(1).jpg
brow lamination.png